Graphic Processor Units for Many-particle Dynamics


Buckypaper / Epoxy Composite
Mechanical property of Epon-862/DETDA Composite
Mastic Geometry Modeling by MD and Voronoi tesselation
Particle Packing for Polycrystal Modeling

GPIUTMD stands for Graphic Processors at Isfahan University of Technology for Many-particle Dynamics. It performs general purpose particle dynamics simulations on a single workstation, taking the advantage of NVIDIA CUDA GPUs to attain a level of performance equivalent to hundreds of processors on a fast cluster. GPIUTMD uses graphics processors. otherwise known as the GPU. The GPU is the other processor in your PC responsible for amazing graphics you find in some of the best 3D applications on the planet. But today you need the GPU for much more than just game and graphics. With CUDA Computing architecture the GPU can now dramatically enhance the performance of the scientific computations, with faster processing and by delivering an amazing amount of calculation in just a blink of an eye.

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NVIDIA is calling on global researchers to submit their innovations for the NVIDIA Global Impact Award - an annual grant of $150,000 for groundbreaking work that addresses the world's most important social and humanitarian problems. 

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Unified Memory in CUDA 6

With CUDA 6, we’re introducing one of the most dramatic programming model improvements in the history of the CUDA platform, Unified Memory. In a typical PC or cluster node today, the memories of the CPU and GPU are physically distinct and separated by the PCI-Express bus. Before CUDA 6, that is exactly how the programmer has to view things. Data that is shared between the CPU and GPU must be allocated in both memories, and explicitly copied between them by the program. This adds a lot of complexity to CUDA programs.

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